Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Managing Dreams !!!

How far the destination is can be made clear if you know where to start. Mode of transportation and alternative short routes can bring travel time down if you manage them efficiently.

If you have dream and you want to make it happen you need to know where you stand.
You need to know what capabilities you have for example if you want to become a good anchor you should be great at communication skills and need to know how to create a chemistry and interaction with people.

With the clear idea about self strength and weakness by self analysis you can grab more opportunities and manage to stay protected from threats.

If you want to improve something you need to know where you stand so that you can start working towards your goal more effectively. But if you try to define these goals in numbers and period of time suddenly this things get crystal clear and looks in hands reach.

Trying to achieve something without having a plan - a time bound plan is like participating in Olympics without practicing.  

When you devote yourself to that idea to your dreams and start working endlessly you become something extra ordinarily and different than everybody else.

                   You become Superstar.