Saturday, September 3, 2011

Managing Meditation

Meditation is all about managing your thoughts.

Within a fraction of seconds there are thousands of thoughts running through our mind…trying to acquire each and every available space in our mind. 
During meditation this thought process can be controlled and manage and can be slow down with practices over the period of time. 
If you keep practicing it more and more you will realize now these thoughts are floating in your mind at a very slow pace. This period can be longer.
After this some of the thoughts start disappearing slowly and slowly and if you can control and manage them effetely you can vanish all of them. 

That’s where ray of light appear in darkness and you can become successful and effective manager                                              yourself and the world around you.


  1. self control is the key to success, and meditation helps achieve that...nice post

  2. Thanks sub...but it can be other way round....

  3. managing my thoughts is the toughest thing for me......there is continuous chain of thoughts; I try to say stop every time but it never helped....then sometimes turns in to depression lol......I need to work hard