Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Successful and Effective : What YOU want to be ?

At first glance both the words look a bit similar and hard to define and differentiate, but if you give little stress to your mind; then they are very much possible to differentiate in every aspect.

Dictionary meaning of Successful says having or resulting in success(which differs from person to person), prosperous having wealth or status,  being marked by favorable outcome while Effective can be defined as impressive, coming into operation ,capable of producing intended result, something’s that works well as a remedy or means, exiting force or influence. 

Successfulness can be defined in terms of speed of laddering up in hierarchy level within organization while Effectiveness can be defined in terms of bonding with the coworkers and employees, quality of work, image, character and personality influence on others, and number of followers.

Building new contacts in community, accountable diplomatic behavior, flexibility with principles values and ethics, compromising acceptability requires one to become successful in life.

Excellent communication skills, motivational nature, inspirational talk, good understanding of human behavior, maintaining healthy relationship with people around, creativeness have to be adopted who wants to become 

So what you want to be?



  1. Nice Work. a very insightful analysis

  2. Thanks Sir....

    Having a good restaurant giving satisfactory service at all time is effective while having chain of such restaurants is becoming successful....

  3. well said.. i wud like 2 b succesful bcoz with it i will b effective as well.