Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jan Lokpal Bill and Indian Youth

Jan Lokapl Bill revolution or so called second freedom struggle had rocked India. Today Anna Hazare facing 10th day of his fast and yet there is no concrete promise from government side. The anger against corruption in every Indians heart is rising day by day.

Today India account for more than 22 cores of young population aged between  15 to 28 years of age and they all grown up facing corruption. Most of them are educated and understand substantial growth cannot happen until and unless they reduced corruption. They had understood whatever money is going out of their pockets towards corruption becoming an obstacle in their growth.  

Young population always look out for a hero and when someone like Anna Hazare who doing fast until death for the welfare for whole community appeals for an support, it touched their heart .They like his honesty and simplicity. He may not be good at English speech or negotiation with government but they know he is good and pure at heart and only pure heart can bring some positive change.

Significant achievement of this Anti corruption campaign can be continuous never ending support from all parts of community like Bollywood, IT sector, educational institute, some other political parties and few politicians, Mumbai’s Dabewala (Where it was first time in history they strike for a day and conduct march) and non violence.

Without any middle and low level leadership its fascinating to see whatever Anna Hazare has been guiding his followers through electronic and other media been absolutely followed.

They always say today’s youth is irresponsible and don’t have any concern towards nation and lost their patriotism and duty towards nation, but his anti corruption revolution proved it wrong and showed still how every young Indian is responsible, patriotic, pure at heart, ready to bring change, want growth, strong surveillance system on elected politicians and corruption free India.                 


  1. we all hope lokpal 2 pass n anna hazare will b remem 4 did forever..

  2. No doubt this campaign has given some food of thought to the nation including our youth and a debate against corruption has started, but i think that debate may force a few to introspect themselves but a large will still don't care...debate is going to be debate forever.....

  3. debate will last forever until and unless there is structural reforms in citizens Character ....

  4. Till last month, i used to think SINGLE MAN CAN NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE, i was wrong. I feel Anna Hajare shown way to people of India. In India, i always observe, people always need someone to motivate them. Till then they prefer to be part of system even if its not good. Also, it's 1st time i feel media done right job. (still tried to make marketing). As Anna said, only half a way is done. It will be interesting to see how people will follow his path. But i feel, people will. If even after 50,60 years latter people follows Gandhiji's AHINSA wadi way to protest. Then Anna's way is not so difficult for us.

    And also, Mr. Obama, 'you can get what you want in peaceful way, if its wise and for good for human menkind'

    Jai Hind