Thursday, September 1, 2011

Learning from Anna Hazare’s Anti Corruption Movement through Management Perspective

Part -1: Clear Goal
When I used to go for protest around different areas in Pune, management student inside me never keep quiet and my eyes were always searching for lessons out of Anna’s movement

Common Goal

Organization been defines as the social group of people working together continuously with different expertise towards the same Common goal. The success of organization depends upon how effectively people are following its common thinking and goal.

There are different types of organizations who have different structures and numbers of people from diversified culture but all of them are motivated from the Philosophy, values, mission and vision of organization set by its founders.

Every true Indian is working hard towards making India as one of the developed nation and paying taxes regularly. But the bureaucracy of India is so corrupt from top to bottom that even for getting the birth certificate to get admission in school or college you have to bribe people and if you don’t waiting for the desired result becomes endless.

When all nationalist were tired of corruption and understood that this black money is an obstacle in their development and at the same time they were also waiting for strong leader who can raise their voice in high pitch against corrupt politicians, Anna Hazare strikes its movement against the government.

The goal was very clear – To make India Corruption free which is been shared by the founders of the movement and all the responsible citizens of India who eventually turn into as followers and start working for the common goal efficiently to make the social anti corruption organization successful.