Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life is continuous learning.

Life can teach you new lessons all the time if you ready to keep your glass half empty all time because it’s hard to fill glass which is already full. 

Today when I was coming back home at night from river road I saw group of ten beating two people ruthlessly for pissing on their vehicle. When I took one of them aside and talk, surprisingly I came to know that vehicle is a mean of earning for those ten people and today was their first day of working.

This may look like a small cause to you but when you think of your business computer or study books and somebody started pissing on it for no reason what will you fell?

What you do, where you do it and how you do it construct path of your life.

MacDonald’s cannot open a shop in India where they can sell beef or pork burgers while they may not sustain without beef in European countries. When big vehicle manufactures like ford or Toyota thought of coming into India they have to do changes in their vehicle in terms of ground clearance, model modification etc. to suit Indian vehicles.    

In an Organization or before even starting your career which stream you choose for working, what kind of job you select, where you get place and more importantly how efficiently you do your work decides your career graph.

It’s good to keep learning attitude up instead of I know it all and I can do it all.


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