Sunday, August 14, 2011

Circle of Completeness (CoC)

In initial phases of life we all feel like we are in control of our own life and we can drive it whichever way we want, till the point Life make you realize that it’s not you its Life itself in fact guiding you from the beginning.

 But at some or the other point in life some people realizes the seriousness of life and what they doing and where Life is taking them, I called that point of realization as Circle of Completeness (CoC). After they do the full round they don’t just remain as normal people they become Legend because every one of them had followed what they believe in, every one of them have persuaded their ideas, thoughts, philosophies passionately and they haven’t  stop till they reach their goal. Circle of Completeness is nothing but a reincarnation or a rebirth.

When the entire Maharashtra was under rule of Mughal’s it was Shri Chatrapti Shri Shivaji Maharaj who realized where his future taking him and got serious about life and future. He forms a group of people with identical thinking, encourage and motivate every one of them towards the common goal of freedom. He fills their heart with self dignity and integrity so that one man can fight with hundreds of them.

That’s where the Revolution starts.

When Mahatma Gandhi realized his duty towards nation and got serious about life and future of his own country man while working in Africa, he return back to India and create revolution. He got support from millions of Indians who also become serious and complete the Circle of Completeness to follow Gandhiji.

That’s where the Revolution starts.

When a common man like Anna Hazare from a small town like Ralegaon siddhi fed up of corruption and dysfunctioning of Indian leaders he raised his voice for second phase of freedom form its own unfit people so called Politicians. He got support from billions of true Indians who are pure at their heart, they all have strong urge towards ending corruption.

That’s where the Revolution starts.

Amy Winehouse an english singer-songwriter known for her powerful deep controlled vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres including R&B and jazz. She top charts and won five Grammy Awards when she did the full round of Circle of Completeness. But problems with drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and her self-destructive behaviors lead her towards early death. When she lost meaning in life and seriousness about life.

If you lose control over life after the Circle of Completeness life itself can lead you deep inside towards the self destruction.

And that’s where Revolution can End.

It’s never too late if you really want to do something for you or for the welfare of community, you always have plenty of time, it just the Seriousness and Self Realization what all you need to do the full round of Circle of completeness.

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