Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Charismatic leadership

People with natural enthusiasm, positive energy and ability to encourage and inspires others are called as Charismatic leaders. These types of leaders have very high amount of natural positive energy which they can guide and control towards defined direction for desired results.

Followers feel more secure and ready to work with these leaders. They hardly get tired of work and almost never complain as they look up to their leaders. Followers may loose their enthusiasm and wish to work if a charismatic leader stops to lead them or leave the team while working on short term goals in organization.

Sometimes people born with charisma like Rahul Gandhi or Inborn King but most of the times people earn their own charisma for example sport star like Captain of Indian Cricket team MahanidraSing Dhoni had earn his own charisma through years of hard work. Not necessary people with charisma turn into leaders; Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Indian Cricket team, is one of the most successful batsman’s ever but he failed to capitalize over his charisma and hence never turns up into a successful leader.

Unethical Charismatic leadership is like double edged sword, leaders like Hitler can force the whole world for a war while on the other hand Ethical Charismatic leaders like Mahatma Gandhi can bring the whole nation together for freedom.

High level of self confident, great communication skill and ability to engage people with them can make oneself a great Charismatic leader.

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  1. Rahul gandhi is hopeless leader,if you had given example like Shivaji Raje or Raj..........