Sunday, July 31, 2011

Character Deficit : What we need todasy is "Zero Tolerance against Corruption".

As a true Indian I felt depressed. There hardly any month with no scam news, 2-G Spectrum Scam, Commonwealth games scam, Aadrash society scam, Karnataka mining scam, export of non-basmati rice to African countries the list can go on and on endlessly.

Lack of dignity, integrity, patriotism, responsibility towards people, responsibility towards nation, willingness to bring change, future vision, ethical values, control over population to sustain enough jobs for available population, faster governance and law binding etc in character of Indian politicians bringing the whole nation down. 

We need to wake up from our fantasized dream of leading the World and have to take stand against corruption.

When the common man is corrupted, the bureaucracy, political leaders, employees and professionals all are corrupted. Government performance is mirror image of its own people character.
Until and unless the common man cuts all roots of corruption with aggression at the base with self dignity, integrity and self respect in mind, devil of corruption cannot be killed. Again and again it will come back to hunt us.
What we need today is “Zero Tolerance against Corruption “.

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