Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Character Vs Personality : Which one you have? And which one you want to Develop or Adopt?

Which one you have? And which one you want to Develop or Adopt?

I am completely against the word Personality Development. Now days there are different institutes offering such courses, even crash courses so called personality Development.

Personality is what you want to show to people, its how you behave in public and impress them and interact with the world. Personality creates a barrier between the individuals social and private behavior. There will be always a big gap between how he act in public and how he behave in his private life.

Character defines the individual’s social and public life. He also always behaves and never acts. There will be zero difference between his private and personal life. The values and principles what he believes in he adopt in his life. He remains true to himself and the society.

Now a days we always see number of institutes offering courses on personality development but no one talk about Character development. That’s the reason there is corruption, lack of inclusive growth, large gap between the poor and rich, dying ethic values, unaccountable black money, blood sucking politician community mushrooming every part of world, risk of terrorism, unbreakable friendship of mafia and police department etc.

We never say I would like to develop my personality like Shri Chatrapti Shivaji Maharaj or Prabhu Shri Ram or Bhagawan Shri Krishna; in fact we want to live those characters. Because hardly they had any private life and whatever they had it never conflicts with their social life.

What we need today is development of Character not Personality.        

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