Monday, February 6, 2012

One song - just happened by fluke can NOT be a subject of discussion at the IIM

Singer (actor) of a song which hits the world top ten list in a week Dhanush with his cousin and music composer Anirudh Ravichander are invited by IIM-A to enlighten students who doing course on Contemporary Film Industry.

IIM-A is hoping to learn some management funds like viral marketing, social networking and media managements out of the success of this song. Earlier they have invited a "Chaiwala" then came fraudster "Lalu Prasad" and now Dhanush.

Porn star Sunny Leone can also be called for a lecture on her success; South Indian actress Shakeela too must be having a lot of stories to tell which could be helpful to the Management students. I have no doubt in my mind that IIM-A will request Poonam pandey for a lecture someday to share Gyaan on how to get famous overnight as she create a sensation and that is what entrepreneurs and even established firms are trying to achieve these days.

Let Dhanush sing another song and let's see if it would create a mass hysteria like Kolaveri . I am not trying to under-estimate the singer. He may be a good singer but more than his quality, it is his luck and stupidity of people made the song viral.