Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beware...You are Officially Happy !!!

After surveying 18000 people from 24 different nations Ipos Global, France based research firm had confirmed that Indians are the most happiest human beings living on mother earth.

Despite of living in a nation where every day new scams like Aadarsh Society; 2G spectrum; commonwealth games scam are breakfast news. High inflation rates poor education system, corrupt irresponsible selfish politicians, poor infrastructure, high level of debts, balance of deterioration, poverty, budget deficit, are becomes part of our life.

The TI India study estimates the monetary value of petty corruption in 11 basic services provided by the government, like education, healthcare, judiciary, police, etc., to be around Rs.21,068 cores. 89 percent of rural households do not own telephones; 52 percent do not have any domestic power connection. There are daily power cuts even in the nation’s capital. The average brownout in India is three hours per day during non-monsoon months, 17 hours daily during the monsoon. The average village is 2 kilometers away from an all-weather road, and 20 percent of rural habitations have partial or no access to a safe drinking-water supply.  

India does have problem like any developing country but still…. India has third largest active troops in the world after China and USA.India is largest economy by GDP after US, Euro zone, China and Japan. India on number three on the number of doctors, scientists and engineers. India is 6th world nuclear power of the world, after signing the Nuclear deal last year. India have world class institutes like IIT, IIS, IIM, AIIMS, XIM, etc.